Wednesday, 11 February 2015

SHOOT 3: Title research, ordering

The Ordering of titles
I found that there is a specific and correct way of ordering the titles within the main sequence, before this research I had no knowledge of the ordering and didn't think there was one. So this research has helped me to understand the basics and develop my knowledge of film openings. 

  • The film first introduces the film production companies and main ident in this case Warner Bros
  • Then the central (A-list actors) protagonists actors are introduced
  • Then other key roles such as editing, casting, music and costume are introduced
  • Then the producers 
  • and finally the director who is introduced rather informally as this fits with the non-serious genre of a rom-com by the introduction 'Produced by' 

After looking on I found You've Got Mail's opening title sequence in this order.

I will now compare these to previous title researches and then use this sequence to help me order our titles. 

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  1. as with many others, you must add labels (or sub-headings) to clearly identify these, and need to start the post with a bullet post of your main findings - there's no analysis with the post! Starting posts like this with a SUMMARY or KEY FINDINGS (or POSSIBLE INFLUENCES) sub-heading is a good idea
    Bullet points better than paragraph


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