Friday, 21 November 2014

MISE-EN-SCENE INFLUENCES: Submarine, Trick or treat

Mise-en-scene is basically what you see in the shot. This envolves props 
and other things that are involved in the frame.

Examples of Mise-en-Scene

This is the mise-en-scene in the opening shot of Trick or Treat. It is very 
similar to what we are going to produce as all of the details connote what
 the character is like, but in ours we are going to connote a quirky arty 
character instead of a rock style music lover.

Submarine mise-en-scene
Submarine has many different aspects that 
we would use in our film opening. For example 
the use of mise-en scene is key in this as they
 portray the boys character through the 
mise-en-scene of his bedroom in the first few 
shots. They use old furniture and intriguing art 
and objects to connote that this protagonist is 
mature, quirky and acts older than his age.

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