Friday, 7 November 2014

IDEA 1: Summary of initial group concept

Our Agreed Idea

After much deliberation and our four initial ideas had been pitched we have decided to go with the Social Realism Rom Com that is heavily influenced by the Warp produced film, Submarine. 

A social realist/rom-com hybrid heavily influenced by Warp's Submarine, however we will focus on the female protagonist. We will open with a series of areial ELSs denoting the countryside setting, then onto varying shots of the girl in her bedroom (the mise-en-scene will be more typical of an older woman), and finally a transition/jump cut to a classroom (using a book titled Prologue as a diegetic title).

  • Aerial shots to be filmed around Ilkley Moor.
  • For the bedroom scene we will use Rose Mclaghlin's house.
  • When we jump cut to the classroom scene we will use Ilkley Grammar School.
    Ilkley Moors
  • We will be using a girl called Hollie as our main protagonist as her look fits with what we wanted.
  • For the classroom scene we will be using some of our friends to make it look like a real lesson. 
  • The bedroom will have antique furniture, (wooden/leather chairs etc.) art based props such as easels, sketchpads, mature artwork around the walls.

  • Heavy Welsh accent from the girl will signify Social Realism
  • Audio Bridge - We will be having an audio bridge over the idents and also over the establishing shots. This will be created by Conor Grifiths. Also we may add some ambient sound effects to set the scene.
  • Voice Over - When introducing the main protagonist she will have a voice over instead of the dialogue coming from her mouth.
  • There will be normal cut's until we get to the classroom scene where we will have a transition/jump cut into the scene.
  • We will use colour enhancing effects on the overall video to make it look professional and inspired by the TV series Utopia.

  • Our idea will be filmed mostly on ilkley moor and other easy accessable locations allowing us to film whenever we want to.
  • We already have a musician and characters who are willing to take on their roles.

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