Friday, 28 November 2014

FILM ANALYSIS : Tyrannosaur- narrative, music

Analysis of Tyrannosaur

Tyrannosaur is also a good example of Todrovs Equilibrium. This involves Equilibrium,
 Disequilibrium and New Equilibrium. This is how our film would be structured if we did the
 full thing. Also the different shots used is part of the narrative as we see most of the shots are focused at the start on the main protagonist. This will also be the same in ours but we will
 slowing reinforce the preferred reading as we will hint the forthcoming activity's by
 introducing the other two people that forms our rom-com love triangle.

Music is one of he main components that we will use from Tyrannosaur. It 
uses slow acoustic instrumental music to create a sad and calm atmosphere
 but in comparison ours will get faster and more upbeat when we transfer into
 the busting scene.

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