Saturday, 29 November 2014

FILM ANALYSIS/INFLUENCES : Submarine- mies-en-scene, locations, sound, music

Analysis of Submarine and how it could influence our film
Submarine has many different aspects that we would use in our film opening
For example the  mise-en scene of the boys bedroom is key in this as it portray the boys 
character in the first few shots
They use old furniture and intriguing art and objects to connote that this 
protagonist is mature, quirky and acts older than his age.
As we want our female character to be quirky and an individual we can represent this through the mise-en-scene. Taking inspiration from this film we can add strange retro art and books to help connote that the female protagonist is an individual.

Submarine mise-en-scene
Submarine Title with background

Within Submarine establishing shots are used to add exposition, it denotes that the film is set along the coast in Wales.
Locations is another big component in our film opening. We will start with a series of long shots of landscapes just as Submarine does. Living near Ilkley Moor is very important as it gives us the idilic location to film all of the establishing shots. We will do this to denote that our film is set in Yorkshire as it will show a lot of fields. 

Sound and Music
Sound and music are also other key factors that Submarine has. It uses slow 
music to set the scene as calm and relaxing. We can tell this by if we used the
 commutation test and replaced it with rock music it would have a huge change
on the audiences interpretation of the female protagonist. The audience would now see her as a rebel and an outcast rather than quirky. The acoustic guitar also denotes that part of the films genre is romance.
We would also use Submarines approach of using acoustic guitar soundtrack to denote the  romantic aspect of our hybrid genre

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