Thursday, 18 December 2014

SHOOT 4: Classroom Scene planning, problems, how it went, Call sheet and story board

Call Sheet and how the shoot went
We had a few problems to begin with, our actors had forgotten to come with their costume so we had to go and find some uniform from school. This was easily solved once we found the right items for them to wear. We also had a problem with one of the tripods as one of the legs seemed to be broken and so when we were filming on it, it made the camera move. 

Organising the Mise-en-Scene
When we arrived at the classroom we had to move the tables and chairs around so that we had enough room and so that it looked how we wanted it to. Once our actors got here and they were in their costumes, we added certain details to them, we gave Harris a vest to put over to add to his quirkiness.
How it went
Overall the shoot went well, as stated above we had a few problems but nothing major. Both Molly and I were filming so we were able to get different angles and a range of shots that will help for the editing. As we were filming a classroom full of people it was difficult to direct them at first, but after we had explained what we wanted we were able to get on quickly and efficiently. 
What we wanted to show
  • We asked half of the students to get out their books out and read or act like they were working and the other half to act rowdy and talk amongst themselves. This was too create a more realistic classroom scenario. Also too represent Hollie and Harri's personalities through them sitting with the sensible and hard working side connoting that they are smart and 'nerdy' which fits with their individual style. To contrast this Brad sat with the rowdy side showing his 'badboy' personality and 'jock' persona anchored by him reading his book upside down. 
  • Brad's act of throwing the ball of paper at Harri was to anchor the love triangle and that his love affection is directed at Harri. 
  • To show Harri's affection for Hollie we asked him to look directly at her longingly to clearly show this.
  • To denote Harri's and Hollies quirky personalities we included in the mise-en-scene 2 very thick hard back books one of which is the 'History of the Times' as well as Harri's 80's style tank top and Hollie's scrunch in her hair. 
Story board
This our original story board which we used for our classroom shoot, we had to draw it our selfs as we didn't have access to a printed more professional story board however this one worked just as well and helped us to create the scene that we envisioned. 

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