Friday, 5 December 2014


Our initial Production Schedule:

4/12/14 - Ben is going to do a practice shoot of the Shop scene. In this he is going to experiment with the different camera angles and show Harri what is going to happen and how we want Harri to act.

6/12/14 - We will do the actual filming of the Shop scene. After school from approximately 3pm onwards we will aim to get the whole of the shop scene filmed.

9/12/14 - We are all going to Leeds to record the soundtrack for the film. We will meet Conor at the train station, walk to the college and record the music we need for the film.

11/12/14 - Molly is going to do a practice shoot of the classroom scene in B10. At dinner Molly will go to B10 and move the tables to how we want and practice the camera angles so that when we get there we can be ready to film properly.

11/12/14 - We are going to do the actual filming of the classroom after school.

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