Monday, 8 December 2014

GENRE - ROMANCE CONVENTIONS/INSPIRATIONS: Flashdance, Pretty in Pink, Footloose

Romance conventions and how they might potentially inspire aspects in out film 
The films I looked at:
Pretty in Pink 

Key Features in Footloose
I looked at both the original (1984) and the remake (2011).

Sound: In both movies they have the title track, Footloose, this is an iconic 
song and really fits with what the characters are doing. As this is the final 
dance scene of the movie it also creates a good ending for the film, the 
audience are left with the new equilibrium and its a happy one which is 
only enhanced by the up-beat tempo of this song.

Final Dance, Kevin Bacon 

Cowboy hat and neck tie
Costume: In the 2011 version, one of the main protagonists wears a suit but with a cowboy hat and neck tie.
Inspiration: This costume is similar to what we described for our quirky male character's costume as we spoke about having a hat, shirt and then the neck tie.

Key features in Pretty in Pink

Location: One of the most iconic scenes from Pretty in Pink is the record shop scene in which Duckie mimes along to Otis Reddings Try a little tenderness
Inspiration: As I have said before, we thought about using the scene from Pretty in Pink
where Duckie walks in to the shop and dances in our film, so as we would want intertexuality in this, we would want to try and get as close to the actual location as possible. Also,
Duckie dancing in the record shop
if we were to do a school scene instead of the dance scene, the classrooms are an idea of what we could have instead.

Sound: This scene features Try a little tenderness
Inspiration: Again, if we were to use the idea of intertexuality in our film opening then we would want to use similar music as to what is 
in this particular scene. 

Our basic idea of costume for quirky male.

Costume: Duckie wears a blazer, white shirt, cowboy neck tie, hat and glasses. Molly Ringwald's character also wears quirky vintage clothes. 
Inspiration: A lot of the costume in this film stood out for me, when we are first introduced to Duckie's character, his outfit is almost exactly what we had in mind for our quirky male. Molly Ringwald's character also is a strong representation of how we were thinking we wanted our main female character to look like.

Key features in Flashdance

Mise-en-scene and inspiration: As this film is set in the 80's it had some really 
good examples of mise-en-scene we could use, for example the
 record player in the final dance scene and throughout, we have 
talked about having a record player in our bedroom scene. This 
shot is also very similar to that in the opening scene of Billy Elliott, 
as is the entire storyline.
Close up of record player
Character and inspiration: The main protagonist in 
this film is similar to how we would 
want to portray our quirky characters, 
an outcast, someone who doesn't fit in
 etc. As I've said there are some very 
close relations between this film and 
Billy Elliott.

Extreme long shot of the room
Sound: Similar to Footloose, this film 
has an iconic song in it too which lifts 
the atmosphere and tension of what is 
going on in the scene.

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