Saturday, 3 January 2015

SHOOT 1 FILM INFLUENCES : Psyco, This is England, Kids

How we were influenced by Psycho
The Denton Moorland shots were inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's film Psycho. As he cleverly and clearly sets the scene and location of the film by panning across a city, denoting that the characters are from the city (most likely they are working men and woman so work in businesses) and that this is one of the main locations for the film, it also acts as an establishing shot
What we did
We have done this by panning across Yorkshire moorland denoting that one of our films central locations will be in rural Yorkshire whilst also suggesting that the characters are slightly unusual as well as when we are introduced to the main protagonist she is young. Also even though Hitchcock shows a variety of buildings in the opening shots he finally zooms into one window denoting that this is where the central protagonist must live. From this I realised that if we included more that one building or house that is wouldn't be clear that this would be the protagonists house and we would have to zoom into or use another shot type to denote this. So I made sure that this was the only building within the opening shots and edited out any others.   
What the location indicates about our central protagonist 
Many people relate rural Yorkshire to an older generation so would therefore expect the main protagonist to be older around 30-60 instead of 16 years old. As we would expect a more urban location like a city, (street corners) for a younger protagonist this already hints that are central protagonist is unusual and not fitting of the youthful teen stereo type. Like in This is England youths are seen in city areas hanging around on street corners, this is a massive contrast to our setting and character. Another example would be the film Kids where the teenagers (same age as our central protagonist) spend the majority of the film hanging around Manhattan street corners, parks and state parks. 

Kids 1995 (Larry Clark)

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