Sunday, 11 January 2015

Editing of Denton Moor shots

Editing of the Moorland shots
When editing the Denton and Ilkley Moor shoots I had to cut out any sections containing litter, road or anything man made for example houses, wind farms and bikes. All except the final shot of the house which would denote that the girl lives there, as if there had been more shots of isolated houses it would be less obvious that we had intended for her to live in the final house. 
Litter on the fence so  cut this out

 I decided not to cut into the middle of any shots but only crop the end and beginnings of shots as not to create jolted messy cuts. As many of the shots were panning shots I needed to make sure that all were smooth and of equal speed. Therefore I had to crop some shots due to their jolty movements. As well as these, all shots that were shaky or out of focus also needed to be deleted.
Had to edit out due to car

Large man made wind farms ect ruin the natural view so I cut this

This was the re take of the shot above

I had to re shoot this due to  the road running the shot
Road and cars so I had to cut this out

I had to re shoot this shot as a wire was in the way 

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