Friday, 10 October 2014

PRACTICE EXERCISE: My Tyrannosaur ‘swede’!

This is a short swede from the opening of the film Tyrannosaur which we have been given the task of redoing from originally a Warp film style to a  WT film style. 

The only partial (extreme close up shot) showing of the face creates a narrative enigma and the sans serif font also hints that this will not be a serious piece.  
The action of the swilling of the glass and then the tasting and spitting all denote that this is an upper class man which is then backed up with fact that he is wearing a suit and has very neat and slick backed hair.
Now this shot conveys to the audience that this is a serious film which is more fitted to the style of a Warp film than a WT film. This is because the signifier of the bleak concrete walls signify that this is a social realist film as well as the serif font that is being used. All of this creates a massive contrast with the stereotypeof the posh upper class which is shown by him puffing up his chest and flounces up the steps in this long shot.

These two shots contain intertextuality as they convey a shoot off due to the close up shots of the face and feet, these signify violence and action as well as match-on-action when the dog is kicked

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  1. This started really well, excellently in fact, then seemed to abruptly end!
    Watch out for term/spelling: stereotype.
    Can we make use of the term shot reverse shot, or match-on-action?
    Its good that you're highlighting terms, but don't use Italics for this, and its a better idea to use pink+bold (as I do) as blue is also the colour of hyperlinks!


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