Wednesday, 15 October 2014


(Alfonso Cuaron, 2013)
Produced by Warner Bros; distribution: 20th Century Fox
Box Office: $274,084,951 (world)

We first see an establishing shot of the earth, this is polysemic as it could connote that the theme of the film is space travel or aliens/alien invasion or it could just be an over view of the whole world and used to symbolise something wider in the film that will be revealed shortly.

We then see a small object floating towards the screen, this is an example of Barthes' narrative enigma idea as we can't clearly make out what it is; this creates suspense and tension. As it travels closer it is revealed that this is a space ship which anchors the idea that the film contains space travel. This idea of space travel denotes that the genre of the film could be action/thriller.

The mise-en-scene must have been very expensive to construct due to the large amount of CGI and editing as well as props that would have been needed to make this scene look authentic. This signifies that this would be more likely to be an American funded/American film.

A tracking shot follows an unknown man, which also again creates a narrative enigma that creates suspense. His face is then zoomed in on and we can now see that it is 'George Clooney' this anchors the fact that this is an American film as he is an A-list star.

Then the camera slowly zooms out to reveal 'Sandra Bullock' another A-list celebrity. She is working on something on the spaceship which connotes that something may have been wrong with the it. This sets up action which also anchors the fact that this could be an action film.

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