Friday, 1 May 2015

BO VOICEOVER: Brad voiceover 3

There are multiple other posts on voiceovers, looking for example at the varying scripts we tried out. This is a brief overview.

This is my 3rd take for the Bad boy voiceover

We ended up using voiceover 1 in our final cut as voiceover 2 and 3 steered too much to to signifying the character as unintelligent. Voiceover 1 however, as well as successfully denoting the arrogance, but also exuberance, of the bad boy character, anchored both his social class and regional identity. 

The normative expectation of this character is to be heterosexual but we have subtly signified his homosexual yearning for the Harri character ... the blonde he refers to.

This has been recorded with 3 different scripts. At first we used the voiceover tool in Final Cut but as we went on the sound quality wasn't as good as we would like it to be so we started using the external mic. 
We experimented with different scripts trying to strike a balance between signifying this character as quirkily mature but still relatable and appealing to a youth audience, so played around with quite contrasting intertextual references. In the end we leaned slightly more heavily towards an older secondary audience being able to fully follow the preferred reading for this element.

Harri's voiceover has been recorded 3 times like the other two. In each one we have kept with the same script but the key element was to anchor a clear binary with the bad boy character in terms of social class. 

We used garage band to record some of the voiceovers and add effects to them like an echo. Here is a video of me using garage band for the soundtrack for the ident.


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