Wednesday, 24 September 2014


What I learned
I have never even opened Final Cut Pro-X so this first step was pretty big moment for me. I never knew that editing could be so simple and I quickly learned how to change from the select tool to the cut tool using keys rather than using the mouse which will help me to make the editing process a lot quicker. To move the mouse to the select tool you press fn A and for the blade tool you select fn B

My editing timeline
I learned which way to hold the camera by a trial and error process as I am used to taking photos and having freedom to hold the camera which ever way I please, so it was a bit of a shock when filming a moving picture that I was restricted to only being able to hold the camera landscape.
We had a short amount of time to create a story board and film our little piece. Our instructions were to film someone opening a door then walking across a room a then finally sitting down followed by a short dialogue.

As this was the first time using the cameras whilst also only having a short time to film there are many elements that I would like to re film and tweak especially the poor filming at certain points. But this means that when it comes to more serious pieces that I will feel more comfortable and prepared. I tried to use a few different shot angles like panning,low angle, long shot, close up and over the shoulder. Hopefully I can expand on my range of angle shots.

These are my definitions and examples or some semiotic techniques.

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  1. A few things to work on: rotate/save + reupload the images so your Word docs can be read; move the screenshots so they come below and illustrate a specific point in your text. That will mean splitting up your paragraphs - don't worry about writing formally on the blog, bullet points etc are fine. Though DO use capitals! Final Cut Pro X for example (its good to make film/software titles Italic too)
    Its usually best to add a caption to an image - and you can edit the text size/colour etc if you wish
    Highlight specific terminology you use by bold/pink
    A few more screenshots, with captions reflecting some of the semiotic analysis would be good! The more you practice, the easier it gets!
    Useful reflection in the post - it will be interesting to look back on in a few months time!


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